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Posted on 17 November 2016

Well, here's the summer evening breeze, gently making it's stride through the meandering country side on to the rising cities flowing through our skin in to our souls! 

It's that time of the year in Australia which makes us feel greater about nature. These are things generously granted to us and then there are things we strive and strike an even greater balance to pacify our senses. 

What do you find yourself wishing to? is it a great patio with a private plunge pool, is it a melange of dim lights or is it a luxury outdoor bar setting?

Let me take you through 6 tips to relish your patio settings & transform your outdoors!

Tip #1 - Create space

I definitely don't mean here that you buy space. The crux of the matter is to create more space out of the existing so as to give a meaningful yet imaginative thoughts to you and your guests. Let the minds ease themselves by being imaginative hence relaxed. Keep spaced out outdoor furniture giving way to all elements.

10 tips to create beautiful outdoors


Tip #2 - Blend with nature

Your patio should always compliment the nature and vice versa. The whole element of outdoors is enhanced many manifolds when blended with similar settings. You could use environment friendly outdoor furniture, organic pot pourri, candle lights, lot of greenery, a water element.


Tip #3 - Use a melange of lights

 Out door lights can be very invigorating yet very subtle. Make creative displays of lights & candles using the available resources such as hanging lanterns on trees or using waste materials & organic materials.


Tip #4 - Welcoming cocktail bar 

Enhance our natural way to exaggerate the nature. Treat your self outdoors with a cocktail bar probably made completely out of wood or simply get a roll away cocktail table.


Tip #5 - Add water source/element 

So we all know that 75% of us is water & so is 75% of Earth. No wonder no one hates being close to it. Adding a water element in your patio induces soothing properties around. 


Tip #6 - Art 

Be creative & use waste & junk to create art to invite discussions in your private space. Use rustic & bold pieces of art & sculptures in your patio & see interesting discussions spring up when you have guests around.

Did one of the tips spark a creative fire in you? Send us your patio pics on our face book page to inspire us even more.

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